The Law Office Of Miguel C. Fernandez III, PA

What should you do when you are arrested or criminal charges have been filed against you?

You should call an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights, defend your interests, advocate your cause and keep your exposure to penalties to a minimum. Attorney Miguel C. Fernandez III is just the professional you need. Not only is he backed by years of legal knowledge and experience, but he is a seasoned Trial lawyer who can calm your fears while representing you to the best of his abilities both in and out of Court.


Ready to Help

It does not matter what type of crime you are being charged with because Attorney Fernandez stands ready to assist you with fighting those allegations to the end. In fact, over the past 24 years, the Fernandez Law Office has helped thousands of clients confront their worst legal nightmares and challenges. From simple assault to DUI, theft to violent felonies, Attorney Fernandez will stand by your side, prepare an appropriate defense, negotiate a reasonable resolution and help you realize your fair day in Court.


Ready to Guide

When you are arrested, you may think that there is nothing that can be done to help you, but the right lawyer can help guide you through the court process. That is what Miguel C. Fernandez, III, P.A. and his firm are all about. He will help protect your freedoms and your rights to ensure that you are treated in a dignified, respectful manner and the least biased way possible. This is what you want and need when you are facing jail time, fines, and more.


A criminal defense lawyer has to be someone that you trust, simply because they hold your future in their hands. By giving Attorney Fernandez and his dedicated staff a call, you will be taking the first critical step towards helping preserve your future, as well as protecting your liberties, freedoms and rights. Call 239-337-0123 today to get your case started.



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