Arrested for Drug Distribution as a First Time offender? What are the consequences?


Drug Distribution

Is This Your First Drug Distribution Arrest? Miguel C. Fernández III Can Help!

Criminal charges of any kind are a serious matter and often result in serious incarceration, even for those without a long history of criminal behavior. Even non-violent crime can result in lengthy prison terms. That’s why it’s important to have a reputable, seasoned criminal defense attorney on your side, before you go to face charges of any kind.
Miguel C. Fernández III Can Help The First Time Drug Distribution Offender
Drug distribution may seem like an easy way to make some cash, but it can very often result in an arrest. While the general public might assume that judges will go easy on first time offenders, Miguel C. Fernández III warns that this isn’t always the case and this particular offense can result in a lengthy term of imprisonment.

As a Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Fernández has significant experience in dealing with all aspects of drug trafficking criminal charges. The coastal area is popular for international drug smuggling, making the idea of distributing narcotics for cash a seductive prospect, but Florida is hard on drugs and that makes the risk of arrest even greater.
The Law Office of Miguel C. Fernández III Can Help
As a seasoned practitioner of drug trafficking cases,

Attorney Fernández has the experience and the familiarity with the law to get his clients the best possible deal. If you are caught distributing drugs illegally, Mr. Fernández will look at your unique circumstances to determine if something in your situation can mitigate a lighter sentence.
In some instances, Attorney Fernandez has been able to resolve cases early, way before they even get set for PreTrial or Trial.
While Mr. Fernández is based out of Fort Myers, he does practice throughout the State of Florida in both state and federal courts. That broad based experience alone is enough to ensure that Fernández’s clients will receive the best possible defense.
Mr. Fernández also handles clients with previous arrests and/or convictions.
A free consultation with the Law Office of Miguel C. Fernández III, P.A. can be set up by calling the office at (239) 337-0123.