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At the Law Office of Miguel C. Fernández, III, P.A., you are more than just a case. If you are facing criminal charges of assault & battery, you need an experienced defense attorney in your corner. When you need a criminal defense law firm that knows the assault & battery laws to ensure that you are represented in the best way possible for your particular case, choose Attorney Miguel C. Fernández. Whether you are facing charges because you were defending yourself, defending others, or not, you need a lawyer that is experienced in defending against serious charges such as assault and battery.

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Understanding Assault & Battery Charges

You may not even understand the charges against you. What exactly is assault and battery? Assault is defined as a physical injury threat, while battery is defined as actual physical contact. Aggravated assault & battery involves attempts to cause and inflict body injury, such as assault with a deadly weapon, etc. The Law Office of Miguel C. Fernández III, P.A. understands the distinction between the charges and will be able to advise you regarding how the case needs to be handled, because each and every case is unique.

Assault & battery charges can lead to significant time away from your family, as well as some very large fines. Depending upon the extenuating circumstances, you could get 60 days to 15 years or more in jail and may have to pay as much as $10,000 in fines. That is why you need a lawyer that you can trust.

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If you are facing assault & battery charges and subsequent jail time and penalties, you want the right Fort Myers criminal defense attorney on your side and in your corner. Miguel C. Fernández, III P.A. is the right lawyer for you and your needs. The right guidance, such as the type you will get from this Lee County criminal defense attorney , can make all the difference for you now and for your future. Give our Fort Myers office a call today at (239) 337-0123 and set up a consultation to discuss your case. You will be glad you did.