Burglary & Trespass Offenses

Burglary & Trespass Offense Lawyer Miguel C. Fernández

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The different degrees of burglary and criminal trespass charges and their potential penalties vary tremendously. The Law Office of Miguel C. Fernández, III P.A. understands this. Attorney Fernández handles these cases regularly, such as burglary of a motor vehicle, burglary of habitation, burglary of a building, and criminal trespass cases as well. Attorney Fernández has the education, training, and experience to best represent and defend you against the charges levied against you. He works hard to prevent your rights from being violated.

The threat of incarceration for an undetermined amount of time can be very scary, especially if you do not have an attorney that you can trust. If your case is classified as a felony, you could spend up to 15 years or more in prison, as well as have to pay a $10,000 fine.

See Burglary & Trespass Statutes

If you used a firearm or weapon, the sentencing will be even harsher, as you will also face the 10-20-life statute. That is why you need a Fort Myers lawyer that will fight for you. Attorney Fernández will evaluate your particular case and ensure that your case is handled in just the right way to get you the least punishment possible. Attorney Fernández is a former Assistant State Attorney and that experience along with his 25 years in private practice defending the accused will work to your benefit in your burglary or criminal trespass case.

Don’t just assume that the first lawyer that you consult with is going to work hard for you. Choose Attorney Fernández. He has a proven track record and always gets the best possible results for his clients, no matter the charges. Zealous, professional, and trustworthy defense is what you will get with Attorney Fernández. If you are looking for someone who will defend your case with confidence, experience, and skills, Attorney Fernández is who you want to help you win your case and preserve your freedom and your rights.

Attorney Fernández is bilingual. He is able to speak with both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking clients to represent you in the best way possible. In the Fort Myers area, Attorney Fernández is sought after as a criminal defense attorney for his persuasive advocacy skills and his strong and confident defense of his clients. If you are facing a burglary or criminal trespass charge, give the Law Office of Miguel C. Fernández III, P.A. a call today. Don’t wait. Call: (239) 337-0123.