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Drug charges are a serious matter that warrants a serious lawyer. That is what you get when you choose The Law Office of Miguel C. Fernández III, P.A. Attorney Fernández is an experienced Fort Myers lawyer that has successfully handled hundreds of drug cases. Whether you are charged with drug possession, drug distribution, drug trafficking, or another drug-related crime, you need to be represented by Attorney Fernández, a trustworthy and seasoned trial lawyer.

Depending upon your previous convictions and on the offense level of the crime that you are currently charged with, you could be facing significant penalties. Because of his experience, Miguel C. Fernández III, P.A. knows the laws and can mitigate the effects if your conviction. Attorney Fernández will fight for you and your rights from the beginning to the end of the court process. He may even be able to settle your charges before trial.

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In Florida, drug offense charges are fairly common. The extensive coastline tempts many individuals to smuggle drugs into the country for financial gain. Unfortunately, drugs are illegal and can create problems in society. That is why Florida is so tough on drug offenders. Drug trafficking, as well as drug distribution, can result in a very lengthy term of incarceration, and even life in prison. This is true even for a first-time offender, so be sure that you obtain good representation to minimize potential financial penalties and jail time and get on with your life.

Attorney Fernández represents individuals in Fort Myers, as well as throughout the state of Florida. With minimum sentences that can range from 3 to 25 years, even for a first-time offender, you need to find a defense firm that knows what they are doing. Whether a state or federal charge, Attorney Fernández will guide you through the court system, let you know what to expect, and explain the options that you have.

A drug charge can significantly impact your personal and professional life both now and far into the future. Whether you are facing your first charge or a repeat charge, a minor drug charge or a major one, choose a lawyer that you can depend on. Call The Law Office of Miguel C. Fernández III, P.A. at (239) 337-0123 today for a free consultation.