DUI & DUI Serious Bodily Injury

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A DUI offense is very serious. If you are charged with causing a serious injury as a result of a DUI, you are facing even harsher penalties. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and a serious accident or death occurred, you need a seasoned Lee County DUI defense attorney. Attorney Miguel C. Fernández III has 25 years of experience successfully defending clients just like you. If you are facing an alcohol-related criminal offense, Attorney Fernández has the experience and competency to defend you and minimize the negative consequences of this incident on your life.

See DUI & DUI Serious Bodily Injury Statutes

Mandatory Penalties for DUI

A DUI comes with its own set of mandatory penalties, including an automatic loss of license that begins when the officer takes your license upon arrest. However, if your charges are escalated due to your culpability for causing a serious injury or death, you will likely have to defend yourself against a felony charge. A felony charge could mean that you will spend a significant time of time in jail, from five to even 30 years or more, depending upon the circumstances. If you are facing this charge, contact Attorney Fernández right away to protect your rights and your freedoms.

Unraveling Your Case to See Each Extenuating Circumstance

Understanding the charges against you is essential. Attorney Fernández can explain to you what to expect, as well as what your trial or plea resolution options are, as well as other relevant factors that may apply to your situation. He can help you whether you speak English or Spanish. Additionally, he will look at your case from a variety of different angles to ensure that you are treated as fairly as possible. A serious injury DUI Charge involves many complex issues, including the cause of the accident, police preservation of evidence, proving who was or wasn’t driving, blood alcohol content, negligence issues, witness statements, and expert opinions regarding the evidence.

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