Federal Crimes & Statewide Prosecutions

Attorney Fernández Defends Against State and Federal Charges

Fort Myers Criminal Defense Attorney

State crimes and federal crimes tend to fall under separate jurisdictions. However, some state crimes and crimes that occur across several state lines may also be prosecuted as federal crimes. A federal crime is investigated by federal agencies (such as the DEA or FBI), prosecuted by a United States Attorney, and heard in front of federal judges. State crimes are usually investigated by state or local law enforcement, prosecuted by state attorneys, and heard by state court judges.

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High Quality Legal Representation

It is important to locate a high quality legal defense professional who has the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate all of the legal intricacies involved with your case. When you choose Fort Myers Criminal Defense Attorney Miguel Fernández, your chances of successfully beating or mitigating your state or federal charges are great. Attorney Fernández’ prior experience as Assistant State Attorney afforded him extensive experience and the knowledge to defend your case with the skill and competency that your case requires.

Aggressive Defense Is Essential

Given his vast legal training and skill, Attorney Fernández will thoroughly investigate all of the details of your case and determine any weak points to make the best defense possible for you. This can decrease your penalties, including jail time and more. Every individual who finds himself facing criminal charges (particularly state or federal charges) must locate the most competent and aggressive legal defense counsel available. Attorney Miguel Fernández can confidently and competently defend you against all charges and will work hard to minimize the effects of this incident on your life.

While you may think that all lawyers are the same, they are not. Many lawyers attempt to handle disparate areas of the law. However, Attorney Fernández practices exclusively in the area of criminal law. He has experience handling all types of criminal defense cases (local, state, and federal) in Fort Myers and is prepared to offer you the best defense possible. Call Miguel C. Fernández III, P.A. today to set up your consultation and get your defense plan started: (239) 337-0123.