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Are you or a family member facing a drug charge of some sort? Whether prescription or illegal drugs, the charges are viewed the same and are taken very seriously by law professionals. You want a criminal defense lawyer that is just as serious about representing and defending you in a court of law.

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Getting representation as soon as possible is a necessity. By calling Miguel C. Fernández III, P.A., you can start the process of having your case evaluated. This evaluation will be followed by the creation of the strategy that will put you in the best legal position possible to help avoid or mitigate the punishment that can be imposed by the legal system.

Narcotics & prescription medication offenses cases tend to be very complex and are penalized with very severe consequences including immense fines and extensive prison sentences. From 365 days to life in prison, the penalties can depend on a variety of factors including (but not limited to) the strength of your legal defense. The effort put forth by your attorney, the quality and quantity of the evidence against you, as well as the type of charge that you are convicted of are all important components that will affect the outcome of your case. The Law Firm of Miguel C. Fernández III will work to create the best possible outcome for your case. He will thoroughly examine your case and look at it forward and backward to find the best and most effective way to defend against the charges that are being levied against you.

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Attorney Fernández’ decades of experience and knowledge can and will be used in your favor. Your rights will be protected by the Fernández Law Office as stringently as possible throughout all phases of your representation. Don’t just select the first attorney you come upon in the phone book or the one who offers the cheapest rate. Instead, choose a criminal defense lawyer who is dependable, who has the most experience, and who has a solid reputation for getting results…choose Miguel C. Fernández III.

Laws can be complex, especially when dealing with any type of drug charges. Choose an attorney that you can trust with your future. Call Miguel C. Fernández III, P.A. today for your free consultation and get your defense creation process started: (239) 337-0123.