Robbery & Home Invasion Crimes

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The commission of home invasion or violent robbery can expose you to as many as thirty years in prison or more, depending upon the circumstances. Home invasion and theft crimes are considered major criminal offenses. When these crimes are committed with a weapon or if someone is injured or killed during the commission of the act, you could be facing very significant jail time. That is why you need to have a seasoned criminal defense attorney, Miguel C. Fernández III, P.A. in your corner.

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Robbery and Home Invasion Defined

Robbery is defined as theft by taking, but a more serious charge of home invasion robbery is defined as entering a dwelling with an intent to take money or property from the people inside through the use of violence, threats, assault, or force. If a weapon or firearm is used this makes the home invasion robbery charge even more severe.

Severe Penalties

A charge of burglary, robbery or home invasion can not only result in jail time. These charges can also cost you your job, your family, and your financial security. That is why you must choose a criminal defense lawyer that is experienced and knowledgeable. Attorney Fernández is backed by years of experience in defending people just like you from all different types of robbery and burglary charges.

Penalties can range from probation and restitution for minor robbery charges to up to thirty years in prison for home invasion robbery. If a weapon or firearm is used, then the punishments can increase exponentially. That is, the use of a firearm can transform an already serious crime into a more serious crime with lengthy minimum mandatory penalties.

Attorney Fernández will carefully review the allegations against you and use his extensive experience in order to prepare and present your best defense strategy. This will ensure that you get the best outcome possible. Contact the office at (239) 337-0123 for your free consultation today.