Sex & Cyber Offenses

Sexual Offenses and Cybercrimes Defense Attorney Fernández

Sexual offenses and cybercrimes are very serious charges. Whether it is child pornography, rape, identity theft, or another sexual offense or cybercrime, you need to have a criminal defense attorney that understands how to defend you against your particular charge. In situations such as these, only a skilled and seasoned lawyer, Attorney Fernández, can offer you an aggressive and knowledgeable defense against these charges as well as offer you the best chance possible to realize an outcome you can live with.

See Sex & Cyber Offenses Statutes: Lewdness or Indecent Exposure, Sexual Battery and Cyber Offenses

Sexual Offenses

There are a wide variety of sex crimes that you can be charged with. Rape, child pornography, date rape, sexual abuse, and other related crimes are very serious. You can be sentenced to jail time and it can be a very socially isolating crime, even if you are not convicted. That is why you need to get a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are accused.

Cyber Crimes

Computers are now an inherent part of modern life. Consequently, cybercrimes have become more common offenses recently. There are many different crimes that fall under this category, including computer tampering, computer trespass, cyber-harassment, internet gambling, and internet-based sexual abuse and victimization.

You need Attorney Fernández to evaluate the allegations of sexual criminal activity or cybercrimes that are being levied against you and help you fight these serious criminal charges. Sexual offenses and cybercrimes can result in lengthy prison sentences and extensive restrictions on personal freedom. Additionally, sexual offense charges can result in mandatory sex-offender registration, exorbitant monetary obligations, and lifelong social stigmatization, so you need to secure representation as soon as possible if you are innocent of these charges.

If you are facing prosecution for a sex related crime or a cybercrime, call The Law Firm of Miguel C. Fernández III today. An aggressive defense could mean the difference between some very severe penalties and repercussions or you getting back to enjoying your life. Call (239) 337-0123 for your free consultation today.