The Severe Consequences of Robbery and Burglary in Florida



Florida considers both robbery and burglary to be serious crimes. Very severe penalties can be imposed, especially if a person is harmed and/or a weapon is involved.  More often than not, These offenses are felonies that can send you to prison if convicted.  It’s critically important to contact an experienced Fort Myers criminal defense attorney, for advice and representation, as soon as possible.

Robbery and Burglary Penalties in Florida

Robbery is considered a violent crime, using force or the threat of force to take something from a person.  Burglary is generally defined as entering upon someone else’s property without permission with the intent to commit a crime. Burglaries of homes and buildings where people are present are punished more severely, as is touching or harming a person or using a weapon. Multiple charges can be added. Possible penalties can include:

  • State prison for up to 30 years
  • Up to a $10,000 fine, Court Costs, Cost of Prosecution
  • Restitution and Community Service
  • House arrest and/or reporting probation
  • Stay away and/or no contact provisions
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Loss of civil rights and professional certification(s)


Conviction Will Change Your Life Forever

The existence of a permanent criminal record means that your conviction will follow you forever. Some of the life-impacting consequences include:

  • Unwillingness of prospective employers and landlords to hire you or rent to you
  • Loss of certification, preventing you from working in your chosen career
  • Permanent damage to your reputation
  • Inability to vote, hold public office, own a firearm or obtain a security clearance
  • Registration requirement(s) with law enforcement


You Need a Criminal Attorney

The State has a team of people trying to prosecute you and potentially send you to prison. An experienced criminal attorney can help in many ways including:

  • Reducing the severity and number of the charges you face
  • Minimizing the financial and non-financial penalties you may receive
  • Preventing illegally obtained evidence from being used in court
  • Preparing and presenting your defense before a jury of your peers 
  • Ensuring that you fully understand the ramifications of any offered plea deal
  • Protecting your constitutional rights and possibly avoiding an adjudication of guilt

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